Hello all,

I am proposing a change in our logo/letterhead graphic for the church. This proposal is for the Elders but has been included to those of you who indicated you were interested in “design aspects” of the church (so you may reply with your input).

This isn’t just about a logo, but rather is a small part of something larger. Our church is at a transition point and things are changing – and it’s a good thing! The Elders lead in love and harmony with each other, we have deacons stepping up to execute the ministries of the church, the children’s program on Wednesday nights is growing, and the youth group is quickly expanding. As the world around us quickly darkens, we must become brighter lights in our community.

This call to change is applicable to me as well. In every church I have served prior, God has used me as a transition catalyst. He uses me to move a church from what it was to what it will be. And every time in the past, when the church has reached the place where it is ready to rise to its new call, God has moved me on to a new church to be used again. Not this time. This time He wants to do a new work in me as well. This time I am to stay and also be transformed into something new.

This logo change is merely representative of a new era at Haverhill where we will strive to focus on growing in our strength: family. We are going to be focusing on connecting with God and each other, serving God and each other, and growing in our relationships with God and each other. We are going to focus on growing as a family!

Above is presented the design with which we came up. You see a circle with the traditional Kansas wheat which is growing into three people. I wanted a graphic which better represented us as a church. This one conveys the ideas of: Kansas, community, wheat (from Scripture), growth, and sun. I think it better represents who we are as a church.

The other thing you will notice is that it only uses Haverhill Church and not Haverhill Christian Church. This is not a recommendation that we cease to be Haverhill Christian Church as our legal name, but a desire to harken to our online address We are on Facebook at, YouTube at, etc. And many people simply refer to us as Haverhill Church already.

Consider this, pray about this, and give feedback!