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 UPDATE – March 27, 2020

As we continue to monitor the situation concerning the corona virus, we wanted to provide you with an update about Haverhill Christian Church.

In addition to the previously cancelled events, we are also cancelling:
– Good Friday Service
– Sunrise Prayer Service on Easter
– Egg Hunt following 10 AM Easter Service

We will CONTINUE having the 10 AM service with doors open, though we recommend that you stay home and join us online. Just go to:

This time is also going to put a strain on everyone financially.  If you stay home the next weeks, please make sure you provide your offerings to the church!  The expenses of the church do not go down because we do not meet on a Sunday.  Our expenses stay the same!  IF you have lost a job or income due to this pandemic, we do not expect you to give out of what you do not have (2 Corinthians 8), but if it is consistent, please be consistent in your offerings.  You can mail those to the church or submit online!  These links are secure and linked to the church:
Give to the church using Paypal
Give to the church using

Do not fear!  Seek the strength and encouragement of God who will provide you with everything you need!

God bless you all!!




UPDATE – March 20, 2020

For the next few weeks we are cancelling our 9 AM worship service in addition to the previously mentioned activities which were cancelled. We will only be having a single service at 10 AM until further notice.

If you are one of our members over 65, immunocompromised, or otherwise considered to be at-risk, please stay home. If you feel any hesitancy to getting out of your house, please stay home.  Staying home does not mean being isolated, though:

The service at 10 AM will be broadcast each week. To join us, please go to, or you can go to our Facebook page.  Social distancing does not have to mean emotional or spiritual distancing!

We encourage all who are willing to stay in your homes and join us online these next few weeks, but the doors (as of now) will be open for a 10 AM service.

God bless you all!!




March 17, 2020

To Members and Attendees of the Haverhill Christian Church,

Many of you, I know, are concerned about the viral pandemic moving through our country. I also know that some find this whole situation over-hyped and not worthy of the panic we see. In the Scriptures we see the truth somewhere in the middle: it is good to plan for and manage crises (Genesis 41), but it is not good to fret, worry, or hoard (Matthew 6:25-34, Exodus 16:13-21).

Tonight the Elders of the church met, prayed and planned. Here is how Haverhill Christian Church will be moving forward:

  1. Wednesday Night Activities – are cancelled until restarting in the fall. There were eight weeks left, but these were within the eight weeks recommended not to gather in groups greater than 50. Considering the cancellation of schools, the state of store shelves, and the preparation and serving of our communal meals, this seemed the wisest course of action.
  2. Sunday Worship Services – will continue as scheduled. Churches were exempted from the Governor’s executive decision to prevent gatherings over 50. We have determined at this point to maintain our two services. We will be asking that you maintain recommended sanitation guidelines. Additionally:
    1. Sunday School Classes – are cancelled until further notice. This is for Adults, Teens and Children.
    2. Nursery and Children’s Church – are cancelled until further notice.
    3. Fellowship Meals – are cancelled until further notice.
    4. Communion – will be provided for those who wish to continue to partake. We will have it in the back. If you do not wish to partake of it you are welcome to remain in your seat at communion time.
    5. Attendance – if you feel led to remain in your home over the next few weeks, know that you are in our prayers! We love you and support you.
  3. Needs in the Family – the next few weeks may hold uncertainty, but you should know that your church family is here for you. We have set up a number for you to share your needs with us. Just call (316) 350-7904 and leave a message. This number will be monitored daily and we will try to coordinate resources to help you. Do not be shy, embarrassed or afraid to ask for help if you need:
    1. Specific food or toiletry items that are unavailable at the store.
    2. Cooking of meals due to the closure of restaurants, etc.
    3. Transportation to/from the store, doctor, etc.

Friends, we are here to serve one another. The staff and Elders are sincerely seeking the Lord’s will. We seek to operate out of wisdom, and not fear. When situations change for the better we will let you know when we will resume our regular activities. If situations were to get worse, we will immediately contact you concerning any additional changes.

Be in prayer for our country, our state, our area, our church, and our families. Be ceaseless in prayer!

In Him,


© 2020 Haverhill Christian Church

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